An Industry Focused Cause & Restaurant Resource

CORE serves as a resource for all types of food and beverage service operations.

CORE offers employees engagement opportunities through the Ambassador Volunteer program, Operator Brand Advocate program, and a national day of service.

CORE conducts three annual campaigns for fundraising participation.

CORE offers partnership opportunities with benefits for companies that would like to raise funds in support of employees in the food and beverage industry.

Set your company apart as an organization that cares about employees in our industry. Engage CORE as a resource and learn more about partnering to raise much needed funds to continue our work.

Information Sheet, For Operators

Operator Brand Advocate Program

CORE’s new Operator Brand Advocate program is designed to help your leadership learn about CORE grant criteria and steward employees that may qualify for a CORE grant through the application process. Set your company apart as an organization that cares and build employee loyalty. Invite your team members to become a CORE Brand Advocate today.

Operator Brand Advocate Information Sheet

Let our team work with you to not only provide support to your employees with children, we can provide expertise to help you craft a promotion that is right for you.  Supporting CORE is a cause that you can feel good about.