Host a CORE Event or Promotion

Hosting an event or promotion for CORE—at any establishment or venue—is an easy, fun way to fundraise for CORE. Your company can either do a one-time fundraiser that benefits CORE, such as a dinner and product tasting, or an on-going promotion that helps spread awareness and raise funds for our mission year-round.

CORE is committed to finding ways to partner with any organization–from schools and clubs to grocery stores and beyond.  To learn more about best practices for hosting an event for CORE, please fill out this form and a representative will contact you.

Raise Funds for CORE on Your Birthday with a Facebook Fundraiser

With very little effort you can use Facebook to raise money for CORE, here’s how!

Two weeks before your birthday, you’ll receive a notification in the upper right corner of your desktop Facebook screen giving you the option to create a fundraiser for your chosen nonprofit. Your friends will receive a notification inviting them to support the cause in honor of your special day.

View step-by-step instructions on creating a Facebook Fundraiser benefitting CORE here.

Organize a Walk-A-Thon

Participate in a walk-a-thon with your organization members, co-workers, friends or family!
  • Virtually, track miles with tracking devices
    • Participants secure donations for each mile walked from their friends and community.
  • In-person
    • Coordinate a walk-a-thon in your company parking lot.
    • Create teams to promote friendly competition.
  • Companies or organizations can match all funds raised to increase participation and the CORE donation.