CORE: Children of Restaurant Employees

is a national nonprofit providing financial grants to food & beverage service employees with children when the employee, their child, or their spouse/partner faces a life-altering medical crisis, death, injury, or natural disaster. CORE is here to give a hand-up to qualifying families during their time of need!

As of January 1, 2024, the following criteria is required to receive financial assistance from CORE:

1.) Must be currently working in the food and beverage service industry and have worked in the food and beverage service industry for the past 90 days.

List of qualifying food and beverage service employer types:

    • Hotel bar/dining & room service
    • Concessions
    • Cafeteria/Dining Hall
    • Quick Service
    • Fine Dining
    • Casual Dining
    • Fast Casual
    • Bar
    • Catering
    • Food truck

2) Must have a legally dependent child under the age of 18 or a medically dependent child with documentation living within your home.

3) Must have a qualifying circumstance within the last 90 days. Please note: Support from CORE is limited to one lifetime grant per family.

List of qualifying circumstances:

  • Significant medical diagnosis or injury requiring current and/or ongoing treatment of the food and beverage service worker, their spouse/domestic partner, or their child
  • Death of the food and beverage service worker, their spouse/domestic partner or the food and beverage service worker’s child
  • Loss of employment or home due to a natural disaster
  • Loss of employment or home due to a fire unrelated to a natural disaster
  • Documented domestic violence or abuse

Documentation is required to receive a CORE grant such as, but not limited to documentation of diagnosis, ongoing care, domestic violence/abuse, or natural disaster.

List of circumstances that are NOT eligible for CORE support:

  • Homelessness without a qualifying circumstance
  • Loss of work or wages (being fired, decrease in work shifts, or unable to find a new job)
  • Divorce or separation from a significant other
  • Car repair or accident without significant documented injury
  • Late bills without a qualifying circumstance
  • Undocumented domestic violence
  • Disconnected utilities
  • Death of a family member that is not a food and beverage worker, their spouse/domestic partner, and the food and beverage service worker’s child (the food and beverage service worker’s parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle, etc. do not qualify

* Grant criteria as of Jan. 1, 2024. CORE reserves the right to modify criteria at any time.


How to Apply

Review the application process and click the buttons below to apply for a CORE grant!

Application Process (English)

1.) Complete Application – Complete and submit application. Please submit the best possible documents. Submitting all documents can speed up the application process. Applying without all requested documents can lead to your application being declined.

2.) Initial Review – A CORE case manager will review our application. Once your application is reviewed, a case manager will be reaching out to you through email via Submittable with the results of the initial review. The case manager will let you know if your application can proceed to the next step.

3.) Case Manager Call – After the initial review, a CORE case manager will call you with the result of the initial review.

4.) Additional Documentation (if applicable) – If your application needs additional paperwork, a CORE case manager will email you a form asking for your additional paperwork.

5.) CORE Grant Committee – All CORE applications are seen by the CORE Grant Committee to ensure that the application meets CORE’s criteria. CORE will be contacting you with the Grant Committee’s decision.

6.) Payment Form – If your application is approved, a CORE case manager will email you a form asking for payment information and an optional media release. (Choosing to not allow CORE to use your story will have no affect on your grant approval or payment.)

7.) Payment Complete


Proceso de Solicitud (Español)

1.) Solicitud complete – Complete y envie la solicitud. Por favor envie los mejores documentos posibles. Enviar todos los documentos puede acelerar el proceso de solicitud. Presentar la solicitud sin todos los documentos solicitados puede provocar que se rechace su solicitud.

2.) Revision inicial – Un administrador de casos de CORE revisara nuestra solicitud. Una vez que se revise su solicitud. Una vez que se revise su solicitud, un administrador de casos se comunicara con usted por correo electronico a traves de Submittable con los resultados de la revision inicial. El administrador de casos le informara si su solicitud puede pasar al siguiente paso.

3. Llamada del agente de casos – Despues del la revision inicial, un administrador de casos de CORE lo llamara para informarle el restultado de la revision inicial.

4.) Documentacion adicional (si corresponde) – Si su solicitud necesita documentacion adicional, un administrador de casos de CORE le enviara por correo electronico un formulario solicitando la documentacion adicional.

5.) Comite de CORE – Todas las solicitudes de CORE son examinadas por el Comite de Solicituds de CORE para garantizar que cumplan con los criterios de CORE. CORE se comunicara con usted con la decision del Comite de Solicituds.

6.) Forma de pago – Si se aprueba su solicitud, un administrador de casos de CORE le enviara por correo electronico un formulario solicitando informacion de pago y un comunicado de prensa opcional. (Elegir no permitir que CORE use su historia no afectara la aprobacion o el pago de su solicitud).

7.) Pago completo


Frequently Asked Questions

If I’ve already received a grant from CORE, can I apply again?

A: In order to help as many families as possible, CORE’s updated criteria states that grantees and their families are only eligible for one CORE grant in their lifetime. Previous grantees are ineligible to reapply.

How long does it take to get a payment once I've applied?

A: CORE strives to process applications as quickly as possible; however, timeframes can vary with application volume. Typically, you will receive an email after the initial review within 2 weeks. Once CORE has contacted you after the initial review, your application will be processed within 30 days.

What does the Grant Committee determine?

A: CORE’s Grant Committee reviews all applications and verifies that each application meets CORE’s criteria.

What documentation is required when completing the application for CORE assistance?

A: CORE requires all applications to have a government-issued photo ID or passport (United States or other), current paystubs demonstrating food and beverage service employment for 90 days (can be from multiple employers), birth certificate(s) or other legal documentation for proof of parenthood, and documentation of qualifying circumstance.

What documentation do I need to provide for my circumstance?

A: Documentation varies based on each unique circumstance. To be accepted, submissions should include full-page, completed documents. Examples include but are not limited to the following:

Natural Disaster: FEMA or Red Cross documentation, letter from landlord/management company stating home is unlivable, or documentation of prolonged business closure

  • NOT ACCEPTED: videos or images of devastation to home or business

Medical: official physician documentation, hospital discharge papers, screenshot of diagnosis and care from online chart *Please submit all documentation through CORE’s HIPAA compliant platform, Submittable.

  • NOT ACCEPTED: videos or images of injury or prescription bottles

Death: death certificate, newspaper article or obituary

Domestic Violence/Abuse: police report, TPO, letter from a domestic violence/abuse help organization stating ongoing assistance

  • NOT ACCEPTED: videos or images of injuries

*All submitted documentation is subject to verification.

How do I upload a document?

A: Documents can be screenshots of documents on phone or computer, pictures taken with a phone camera, or a scan (documentation image CANNOT be blurry). Document image can be uploaded on Submittable on the form provided by your case manager called ‘Additional Document Form.’ Only documents uploaded to the Submittable form will be accepted. To access the document, sign in to Submittable and go to your open CORE application and open the additional forms.

What happens if I don’t receive my grant?

A: CORE will contact you when your grant is distributed.  If you have not received your grant within 5 business days, please contact CORE via Submittable.

How long must I be employed in the food & beverage service industry to potentially qualify for a grant?

A: You must be currently employed and have been continuously employed for 90 days in a qualifying food and beverage service job(s). You do not need to be employed in the same job for the entire 90 days.

I work for a third-party delivery service (e.g. Uber Eats, Door Dash, etc.). Am I eligible for assistance?

A: Third-party delivery employees are not eligible for a CORE grant. Qualifying food and beverage service employers include restaurants, food trucks, cafeterias, concessions, hotel bar/dining, and catering.  For resources that you may find helpful, please visit

I had surgery 6 months ago. Can I apply for a CORE grant?

A: A qualifying event, such as an injury or surgery, must have occurred within 90 days of the application submission. For resources that you may find helpful, please visit

Am I eligible for a CORE grant if I am currently on a leave of absence?

A: Applicants may be eligible for a CORE grant with FMLA documentation, provided the applicant meets other qualifying criteria.

I work in a food and beverage service job and my parent is sick or has passed away; am I eligible for a CORE grant?

A: CORE grant eligibility is limited to the employee, employee’s spouse/domestic partner, and/or the child of employee.  Circumstances involving any other family members are not eligible.

What illnesses or medical issues are considered significant?

A: Each case is determined based on its unique set of circumstances and documentation provided. Past grants have been awarded for current illnesses including but not limited to cancer, heart disease, broken bones, serious injuries, mental health issues requiring hospitalization or continual outpatient treatment, etc.

If approved for a grant, what type of assistance would I receive?

A: CORE provides financial assistance (money) to qualifying grantees. Grant amounts vary on a case-by-case basis and may consist of housing, utility, and food security assistance.

What happens if I fail to submit documentation in a timely manner?

A: If applicant does not submit documentation in the timeframe provided by their case manager, applicant forfeits consideration and/or grant is revoked.