CORE Needs Your Support

A medical diagnosis, accident that leads to an injury, death of a child or spouse, or loss of home or place of work due to a natural disaster can happen to anyone at any time.  CORE is here to help employees with children who face the unexpected.  We rely on a network of donors that will allow us to grant to food and beverage operations employees with children.

Your donation matters and can make a positive difference in the life of a family.  Help us relieve the stress that an employee may experience when they lose their home to a fire, or their child is diagnosed with a disease that may require surgery and treatment, or they experience an injury and are unable to work.   A recent study states that 62.1% of bankruptcies are due medical issues that result in medical expenses.

Medical Statistics

Fast Facts:

  • More than 58% of CORE grantees are single parents.
  • Of these, 55% are single Mothers.
  • 44% of CORE grantees have a high school education or less.

Become a Monthly Donor.

After one year, your donation of
  • $15 a month can cover two months of water for a CORE family.
  • $25 a month can cover four months of vital prescription medications.
  • $50 a month can cover three and a half months of electricity.
  • $100 a month can cover one month of housing (rent/mortgage payment).

With your help, CORE can provide a financial lifeline when life does not go as planned.