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3 Tiers of Qualifying Criteria

To Qualify for a grant families must meet ALL of the following.

1) Applicants must have at least one parent/legal guardian working in the food & beverage service industry (full or part-time).

2) Applicants must have at least one minor child living in the same home as the food & beverage service employee who is a legal guardian/parent.

  • Children up to 22 years-old may be acceptable if they are currently enrolled in higher education (college or vocational program).
  • Families who have adult children who are medically dependent on their parents due to physical or intellectual disability may also apply. Documentation required.

3) Applicants must have experienced at least one of the qualifying circumstances detailed below within six months of their application date.

Please note a COVID diagnosis is considered a qualifying event only when the diagnosis has medical documentation of severe health complications.

  •  A loss of employment, wages, or shifts is not a CORE qualifying circumstance and will not be considered unless one of the following circumstances is also present.

Qualifying Events

  • Significant medical diagnosis or injury of a parent/legal guardian or child (Covid + diagnosis applies here)
  • Injury or accident of a parent/legal guardian or child
  • Death of an immediate family member (child or parent/legal guardian)
  • Loss of life or home due to fire, flood, hurricane, or other natural disaster
  • House Fire
  • Documented Domestic Violence


  • Homelessness
  • Loss of work or wages (being fired or unable to find new job)
  • Divorce or separation from significant other
  • Decreased work shifts
  • Car repair or accident without significant documented injury
  • Being behind on bills
  • Undocumented domestic violence
  • Disconnected utilities
  • Death of family member outside of the legal guardian or parent/child relationship

 Grant Definitions

Child: one dependent on, under the care of, or in custody of a parent, caregiver, or guardian.

CORE Family: refers to all members of CORE staff, CORE Board of Directors, Corporate partners and sponsors, CORE Ambassadors, CORE grantees, and individual CORE donors and supporters.

CORE Grant: support in the form of funds to be used to support families of restaurant employees (as defined below).

Family: may refer to a group of people who are related to each other, living in the same household as each other, financially dependent upon each other, or providing care for each other; may include: parent, child, sibling, grandparent, aunt or uncle, stepfamily, half-family, etc. Must include at least one child (as defined above) to be eligible for CORE support. CORE reserves the right to define the family group parameters for each of our recipients.

Parent/Caregiver/Guardian: one who is the parent, caregiver, custodian, or legal guardian of a child.

Restaurant: any place where food and beverage are prepared, bought and sold on-premise, including quick service (ex.: Starbucks and McDonald’s, grocery store hot bar), fast casual (ex.: Panera), casual dining (ex.: Olive Garden), fine dining (ex.: Fleming’s Steak House), and room service and in-hotel restaurants (ex.: Marriott hotel bar or in-room food service), food trucks, and hospital and school cafeterias.

Restaurant Employee: a person on the payroll of a restaurant (as defined above) part- or full-time. CORE refers to these employees as “food and beverage service employees”.

Reapplication Policy

Former CORE grant recipients may only reapply for CORE assistance when 12 full months have passed since the previous award date. Their new application can be for the same chronic condition that previously qualified them or for a new qualifying circumstance.  All existing CORE qualifying criteria must be relevant to a reapplicant’s case and adhere to CORE qualifying policies.

All CORE grant recipients are limited to a lifetime cap of $7,500. Once that amount is reached, a candidate is no longer eligible for CORE support. In extreme circumstances, a case may be presented to the Executive Board if the committee recognizes and agrees that the circumstance should qualify for additional assistance outside of the $7,500 cap.