Support CORE on Giving Tuesday!

Giving Tuesday, observed on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, is a global movement promoting generosity and philanthropy. It encourages people to donate, volunteer, and support various causes. This day is dedicated to inspiring positive change and emphasizing that small acts of giving can collectively make a significant difference in our communities and the world.

Individuals and companies looking to make a difference on Giving Tuesday can support CORE in a variety of was ways to raise money for CORE and help make a positive impact on the lives of those who keep the food and beverage industry running.

1. Personal Donations: The simplest way to contribute is by making a personal donation directly to CORE’s website. Every dollar counts and can make a significant difference in the lives of restaurant employees with children.

2. Fundraising Campaigns: Create a personal Giving Tuesday fundraiser on social media or through crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe or Facebook. Share your story, passion, and the importance of supporting CORE to inspire your friends and family to donate.

3. Corporate Partnerships: Encourage local businesses, restaurants, or corporations to participate by matching employee donations or making a generous contribution to CORE.

4. Host Virtual Events: Organize virtual events like charity auctions, cooking classes, or live-streamed music performances, and allocate the proceeds to CORE.

5. Social Media Advocacy: Utilize your social media presence to spread the word about CORE and share their mission with your followers. Engage with #GivingTuesday and CORE’s campaign to reach a broader audience.

6. Become a Match Partner: Our aim is to raise $25,000 to help more than 20 qualifying restaurant families, and with the support of a generous match donor, we hope to double that impact to a remarkable $50,000 for 40 families.

By taking these actions, individuals can leverage the spirit of Giving Tuesday to help raise much-needed funds for CORE, ensuring that restaurant families receive the support they need.


CORE a national 501(c)3 provides direct financial relief to employees with children who work in any type of food or beverage service operation and has a health crisis, major injury, death of the employee, spouse or child, or natural disaster.  We granting in all 50 states, D.C. and in Puerto Rico.  With your help, we can help a family when an unexpected crisis hits, and they face a qualifying circumstance.  Founded by industry leaders who wanted to create a cause that directly helped our industry’s children and their families.

A CORE grant may cover rent/mortgage, which is paid directly, or other approved expenses, like utilities, prescriptions, medical equipment , therapies, basic necessities and more through a trackable VISA gift card. Documentation is required and an employee can apply for a grant online or be referred through the Refer a Family link.