The idea for CORE was created in 2004. Like many good ideas, the concept for CORE was hatched by a group of friends at a bar after attending the National Restaurant Association’s annual convention in Chicago. CORE’s founders, food and beverage service industry veterans John Niekrash, Larry McGinn, Paul LaConte, Stan Novack and Mara Lee wanted to give back to the industry that they felt so passionate about.  

The evening’s discussion centered around the many food and beverage employees who struggle when they or one of their children are faced with an illness or injury. This stress is intensified when an employee must miss work and consequently experience a loss of income. Many hardworking food and beverage employees do not have a safety net to navigate an unexpected health diagnosis, accident, or natural disaster. Given this knowledge, the group of friends banded together to create a charity whose sole purpose was to help those who serve others every day.  

That conversation among associates who care for the industry led to the creation of CORE: Children of Restaurant Employees. In the early years, the founders leveraged their networks to raise and grant funds to the restaurant and bar industry. Since then, the organization has grown into a national nonprofit that has helped more than 1,300 families in all 50 States. It is CORE’s goal to become the charity of choice for the food and beverage industry and to help those who work hard to make it thrive.  

The companies below have been instrumental in making CORE’s what it is today. We are grateful for the long-time support.