About the Grant Application Process

If you are in need of translation assistance, please email Kristen@COREgives.org so that we may connect you with a volunteer translator who can assist you with completing your application. Si necesita ayuda con la traducción, envíe un correo electrónico a Kristen@COREgives.org para que podamos conectarlo con un traductor voluntario que pueda ayudarlo a completar su solicitud.

CORE Grants

If a family qualifies for CORE support, they receive a grant to cover medical bills for children, gas cards, groceries, clothing, medical supplies and therapies, utilities, rent and mortgage, and other essential needs a family might need to navigate their specific circumstance. We work with the family to create the best and most impactful grant for their family and needs. All information provided to CORE is kept confidential.

CORE reserves the right to determine which circumstances and conditions qualify as life-altering and determine how CORE grant funds are distributed in fulfillment of each grant. CORE families may reapply for support after (3) years since the date of grant distribution. If you are interested in applying for support or referring a family for support, please visit our grant application.

Qualifying Events

Qualifying events include but are not limited to:

• Diagnosed Medical Condition (child or parent)
• Injury or Accident (child or parent)
• Death of an immediate family member (child or parent)
• Documented domestic abuse (child or parent)
• Natural disaster (loss of life or home)

Expenses Covered

Types of expenses we cover include but are not limited to:

• Rent or mortgage
• Utilities such as electric, gas, water and sewer
• Funeral expenses including travel to out of town funerals
• Medical bills/supplies
• Therapy sessions/equipment
• Hospital expenses for family: travel, hotel stays, food, gas, etc.
• Other child needs: diapers, formula, etc.
• Childcare costs

Expenses we DO NOT cover:

• Cable/Internet service
• Direct Cash/Check to Family

Grant Definitions

  • Child: one dependent on, under the care of, or in custody of a parent, caregiver, or guardian.
  • CORE Family: refers to all members of CORE staff, CORE Board of Directors, CORE Advisory Council, COREporate members and sponsors, CORE Ambassadors, CORE volunteers, CORE grant recipients, and individual CORE donors and supporters.
  • CORE Grant: support in the form of funds to be used to support families of restaurant employees (as defined below).
  • Family: may refer to a group of people who are related to each other, living in the same household as each other, financially dependent upon each other, or providing care for each other; may include: parent, child, sibling, grandparent, aunt or uncle, step-family, half-family, etc. Must include at least one child (as defined above) to be eligible for CORE support. CORE reserves the right to define the family group parameters for each of our recipients.
  • Life-altering Circumstances or Conditions: sudden life changes related to a health or medical diagnosis, injury, illness  of the employee or child that affect a family (as defined above) (i.e. child or family member diagnosed with a medical condition), passing of parent/caregiver/guardian or child, loss of home due to sudden environmental natural disaster. CORE reserves the right to define the parameters of life-altering circumstances or conditions for each of our recipients.
  • Parent/Caregiver/Guardian: one who is the parent, caregiver, custodian, or legal guardian of a child.
  • Restaurant: any place where food and beverage is bought and sold on-premise, including quick service (ex.: Starbucks and McDonald’s, grocery store hot bar), fast casual (ex.: Panera), casual dining (ex.: Olive Garden), fine dining (ex.: Fleming’s Steak House), and room service and in-hotel restaurants (ex.: Marriott hotel bar or in-room food service), food trucks, and hospital and school cafeterias.
  • Restaurant Employee: a person on the payroll of a restaurant (as defined above) part- or full-time. CORE refers to these employees as “food and beverage employees”.