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Core Mission

CORE is a national non-profit that is dedicated to providing support to the food & beverage service industry. CORE grants financial assistance to food and beverage operations employees with children when the employee, their spouse/domestic partner, or their child is faced with a life-altering health crisis, injury, death or natural disaster.


Learn more about the direct impact CORE has on food & beverage service industry employees, and how you, or your company, can help.


CORE was founded in 2004 by beverage executives who recognized a need to help employees with children who worked in food and beverage service operations at times of health crises and natural disaster. Since that time, the organization has grown providing assistance in all 50 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

CORE provides support in the form of a financial grant when an employee, spouse or child faces a medical crisis, injury, death, or natural disaster.  A grant may cover rent/mortgage, utilities, prescription/ medical equipment costs, funds for basic necessities, childcare, expenses related to a funeral and more.  CORE serves as a resource and benefit for operators across the country.  Additionally, CORE provides employee engagement opportunities, partnership opportunities and resources for all organizations.

In 2022:

  • 84% of CORE grants: due to a medical crisis
  • 58% of grantees: single parents: 55% single Moms, 3% single Dads

Breakdown of grants:

  • 64% due to an employee / spouse health crisis
  • 26% due to a child’s health crisis
  • 10% due to a natural disaster


Life can change in the blink of an eye. CORE is here to serve restaurant employees with children when facing a medical crisis, injury, death, or natural disaster. Your financial support will help provide hope to families when they need it the most. Families like Sierra’s:

Sierra is a single mom who works as both a bartender and server in a casual dining restaurant. Her young son has a rare disease which causes bone and joint abnormalities. He also has loss of hearing and eyesight. Because of this, he requires frequent doctor appoints and regular therapies. Often, she needs to take off of work to accommodate her son’s treatment schedule.

“Because of CORE I was able to not scramble last minute on rent. My rent is paid ! For one whole month i don’t have to stress. Allowing me to catch up on other bills.”

84% of CORE grants are for a medical crisis, and medical costs are the #1 reason for bankruptcy in the United States. Please help families like Sierra’s by donating to CORE today.



CORE engages a national network of corporate partners, sponsors, volunteers/ ambassadors and donors to lend their voice and action to create awareness and generate financial support. This assistance aids food and beverage service employees with children who are undergoing a qualifying experience and are in need of short-term financial support. Our communities lean on restaurants and bars as they are America’s new kitchen table. These employees graciously serve up their best every day, no matter their personal circumstances. 

CORE has a long history of working with organizations of all sizes to craft custom and meaningful cause marketing programs that drive positive business results. These organizations include beverage and food distribution companies, suppliers, service companies, tech companies, restaurants and bars. CORE is a benefit to all food and beverage operations and enjoys partnerships with many. 



“Restaurants are the foundations of our communities, and the hardworking employees are the heart and soul of what makes a good restaurant great. I’d encourage all restaurants to join CORE so our teams and restaurant employees have the support when they need it the most.”

George McKerrow
CEO & Co-Founder
Ted’s Montana Grill

“Families are at the heart of all we do at CORE. We at CORE are extraordinarily grateful to our Corporate Partners, Donors, Sponsors and Ambassadors who enable us to offer a helping hand to a hospitality service employee whose family is facing a health crisis, loss of life or loss of home due to a natural disaster. At CORE we essentially turn the table and serve those who serve us every day. Making a difference in the lives of these families is my passion.”

Colleen Brennan
Chair of the CORE Board of Directors

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