Serving Food and Beverage Service Employees with Children

Illness. Injury. Family Death. Natural Disaster. If you’re a food and beverage service employee with children, CORE can help. CORE: Children of Restaurant Employees is a national non-profit dedicated to serving food and beverage employees with children to provide financial relief when either the parent or their child faces a health crisis, injury, death or natural disaster.


A Message from CORE

“Families are at the heart of all we do at CORE. We at CORE are extraordinarily grateful to our Corporate Sponsors and Ambassadors who enable us to offer a helping hand to a hospitality service employee whose family is facing a health crisis, loss of life or loss of home due to a natural disaster. At CORE we essentially turn the table and serve those who serve us every day. Making a difference in the lives of these families is my passion.”



In 2020, CORE granted $1,457,488 to qualifying food and beverage service employees with children.

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