What is an Operator Brand Advocate?

A CORE Operator Brand Advocate is an employee within your company who volunteers to increase awareness about CORE to team members, identify and refer qualified applicants, and guide employees with their CORE application process. An Operator Brand Advocate may work in operations, human resources, training, or in management roles.

Why Brand Advocacy?

CORE recognizes that while many qualified candidates need our financial support, navigating the granting process can be overwhelming during a crisis. Initial findings of this new and exciting program have demonstrated the value of the Operator Brand Advocate role. Success rates are higher for candidates who receive guidance from their organization. This also speeds up the grant process, getting funds to qualified applicants faster. Simultaneously, candidates who are guided though the CORE grant process by their employer feel supported and valued, reinforcing employment loyalty.

Role of an Operator Brand Advocate

A CORE Operator Brand Advocate is an employee within your company who volunteers to increase awareness about CORE to team members, identify and refer qualified applicants, and guide employees with their CORE application process. An Operator Brand Advocate may work in operations, human resources, training and management roles.

CORE Operator Brand Advocates will be asked to:

  • Distribute CORE materials.
    • Back of the House posters & other resources to educate employees about CORE’s mission and how we may assist them during potentially qualifying circumstances.
  • Serve as a liaison for employees with children that potentially qualify for CORE support.
  • Educate team members about the 3 Tiers of CORE Qualifying Criteria.
  • Guide employees through the application process.
    • Provide application registration link.
    • Provide CORE with applicant’s employment status.
    • Provided guidance as needed.

How to become a CORE Operator Brand Advocate

  • Complete the Operator Brand Advocate Application Form.
  • Complete 45-minute Operator Brand Advocate Training via Zoom.
  • Receive complete Operator Brand Advocate Guide.
Operator Brand Advocate Information Sheet



Serving as a CORE Ambassador is a great way to directly help restaurant industry families who may qualify for a grant during difficult times. A CORE Ambassador is a volunteer who serves as a positive supporter of CORE’s mission, events and fundraising. A CORE Ambassador utilizes social and professional networks to share CORE’s mission.

For more information, contact us at information@coregives.org



  • Complete 1 hour training session over the phone.
    Utilize social media (Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn) and professional networks to share CORE’s mission.
  • Identify and approach potential donors from food and beverage suppliers, operators, and distributors
  • Distribute CORE materials in your community
  • Encourage Ambassadorship from others professionals
  • Volunteer at CORE events


Phil Probert

Philip Probert was born into the hospitality industry. He grew up in the bars his father owned and operated in the West Village, including the infamous Kenny’s Castaways on Bleeker Street, Don Hill’s and The Cutting Room. Immersed in New York City’s bars and restaurant scene at a young age, Phil found his passions come to fruition in a career and industry he grew up with. From serving tables at country clubs to producing festivals like Governors Ball in NYC, Phil has worked on all sides of the hospitality industry.

In his current role as Director of Strategic Partnerships for Craftable, Phil works directly with restaurant owners and operators to help them manage their businesses efficiently. Craftable is a fully-mobile back office restaurant management platform that handles everything from food ordering, invoice management, inventory, recipe cost management, and profitability analysis. Craftable’s clients include: Bareburger, Bartaco, Major Food Group, Ace Hotel, Kimpton Hotels, Wings Over, Barcelona Wine Bar, SBE, Bartaco, Hakkasan, Serafina, Dr. Smood, and hundreds more.

From a young age, my parents instilled within me and my siblings the importance of breaking bread— sitting down with family and sharing a meal. It was the foundation of my childhood. Which is why I’m so proud to be an ambassador at an organization that works to help struggling families in the hospitality industry not just survive, but thrive. Restaurant employees don’t always have the same safety nets as people in other industries, so when an employee with children faces a health crisis, medical diagnosis, injury, death or natural disaster, CORE is there for them. Taking care of others is incredibly important right now. In a world where the future is uncertain, I’m grateful for the opportunity to lift up those around me. I couldn’t think of a better organization to be a part of.”

Phil Probert

The word core means “the central or most important part of something”–and that is what CORE is for me. Working with CORE is fulfilling and provides an opportunity to give back to our own industry. Life without helping others seems selfish to me. I am blessed to be in a position where I can help, and the fact that it helps people following the same career path I took feels right to me. I am grateful to be part of CORE and support such an amazing group of people.
Mo Kennedy
CORE Ambassador


CORE National Day of Service:

Everyone can volunteer and participate in a CORE National Day of Service the week of August 9th, 2021. Volunteers across the country will visit F&B locations across the nation and in underserved communities to distribute CORE Back of House posters and increase awareness of this valuable resource. Encourage your family friends, and coworkers to join you and let operators know about CORE.

Participation is Simple:

  • Print CORE Back of House Posters and Information Sheets for distribution.
  • Distribute these documents in-person or via email.
  • Visit F&B operations in your town and in underserved communities.
  • While visiting F&B operations venues post a photo using #COREgives, #Pepsi and #JoseCuervoTequila.