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Become an Ambassador.

Serving as a CORE Ambassador is a great way to support the organization and directly help the restaurant industry families during difficult times. A CORE Ambassador is an external agent of the organization that is a passionate and positive supporter of CORE’s mission, events and fundraising. A CORE Ambassador utilizes social and professional networks to share CORE’s mission.

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What Is Required of a CORE Ambassador?

  • Complete 1 hour training session over the phone.
  • Utilize social media (Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn) and professional networks to share CORE’s mission.
  • Identify and approach potential donors from food and beverage suppliers, operators, and distributors
  • Distribute CORE materials in your community
  • Encourage Ambassadorship from others professionals
  • Volunteer at CORE events
  • Pass a criminal background check through CORE’s designate provider

CORE 2018 Ambassador of the Year:

Kyle McElfresh

Kyle was named ambassador of the year. Since becoming involved with CORE in spring 2018, McElfresh immediately stepped up and organized several successful fundraising opportunities and creative initiatives for elevating CORE’s mission. He even enlisted his employer Sawyer, a Los Angeles restaurant, to become involved with the nonprofit. Thanks Kyle for helping CORE give back to its own!

"I’m so proud to be an ambassador of an organization that is able to grant support to vulnerable families in my industry. Restaurant employees generally do not have the same safety net as those that work in other industries, so when facing a life-altering circumstance they’re often left with few options. As a bartender with a background in early childhood development - volunteering as a CORE Ambassador is super fulfilling. I couldn’t think of a better Organization to support. I love CORE!"

Kyle McElfresh

“The word core means “the central or most important part of something”–and that is what CORE is for me. Working with CORE is fulfilling and provides an opportunity to give back to our own industry. Life without helping others seems selfish to me. I am blessed to be in a position where I can help, and the fact that it helps people following the same career path I took feels right to me. I am grateful to be part of CORE and support such an amazing group of people.”

Mo Kennedy(CORE Ambassador)