Many of our most loyal supporters aren’t large corporations or high-level donors. Instead, they’re the individuals that work every day to help CORE continue giving back to our own. Whether you’re an individual monthly donor, a CORE Ambassador, or someone who refers a family for CORE support, your personal involvement makes a difference.

Refer a Family for Support

If you know a family in the food and beverage service industry navigating a life-altering circumstance, you can refer them via our application form. Qualifying events include but are not limited to a medical diagnosis or death of child or parent, injury or accident, or loss of home from fire or natural disaster.  For more details, visit our How We Help page.

Become an Ambassador

Our CORE Ambassadors are passionate supporters and assist CORE with events and fundraising. Ambassadors travel to events on behalf of CORE, meet families, and help set up fundraising and awareness opportunities across the country. If you would like to become a CORE Ambassador, please fill out our application form or email Program Coordinator Kristen Davis at

Donate to CORE

No donation is too small to help us continue giving back to our own! In fact, a donation of just $30 could cover the cost of a CORE bear for one of our CORE grant recipients. Join our monthly Bear-a-factor Program and donate automatically each and every month! Visit our Donate page to learn more.

“The word core means “the central or most important part of something”–and that is what CORE is for me. Working with CORE is fulfilling and provides an opportunity to give back to our own industry. Life without helping others seems selfish to me. I am blessed to be in a position where I can help, and the fact that it helps people following the same career path I took feels right to me. I am grateful to be part of CORE and support such an amazing group of people.”

Mo Kennedy(CORE Ambassador)