Kiya works at a casual dining establishment as a bartender and is a single mom to her 13 year old daughter Jada. In the fall of 2018, Jada began having a series of seizures that became a mystery for her doctors to solve. During this time, Jada experiences dozens of seizures and multiple hospitalizations. This medical crisis
prevented Kiya to work her usual full time hours while caring for her daughter.

CORE supported Jada and her mom by covering many of the family’s expenses including  rent, utilities, and car insurance. CORE also paid to keep Jada in her beloved  gymnastics classes. We are happy to report that the seizures have stopped and  Jada is doing very well. Kiya recently told us, “We were blessed with the grant
CORE provided, removing a huge burden I had been carrying for a long time.

It’s more than liberating, and we are forever grateful for this blessing!”

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